Understanding the basics of notes, rhythms, and keys is critical for students to learn to play with confidence and musical artistry. I especially like the Unit format of In The Zone and the systematic progression of skill building and theory exercises, songs and composer information that provides a broad foundation of musical elements. In The Zone is a proven basic methods resource that I use not only with beginning students but also as a source of review and technical repetition with students that have played for some time.

Gene Lubiens


In The Zone   –  a different music book teaching the basics of music.

–  could be used by an adult wanting to finally learn how to read music.

–  can be used to teach “playing by ear” students how to read music.

Larry Hightower


For public and private piano students, the innovative products of AIM are a valuable addition to teaching music.

Using Math + Music has proven to be interesting for students learning basic music.

In The Zone, the band book, is interesting to the students, as well as extremely innovative.

Through research, there  is no other book quite like it.

I recommend these books for musical training.

Linda R.


Have you ever heard a beginning band that had a fabulous core sound and wondered, how do they do that!  Nikki Crathorne’s bands are those bands, and now she has shared her secrets of success in this new method book.  I have used this book for a couple of years and when I take my bands to festivals I am asked, “How do you get your trumpets to sound like that!”  This book focuses on the fundamentals, allowing students to focus on their sound.

Patsy Huddleston


WOW!  Wish they’d have had this when I was a kid.

Gerard C.

business owner/entrepreneur

I just started using this method with my 5th grade and I love it.  Thanks!!!

Joanne G.


It is sooo superior to anything I’ve ever seen for beginning band kids!

Cindy C.