Concert Band Method Books – AIM Success There are not many printed ways to teach conservator. And The beginning students use beginning band method books. Very few bands continue on to use the book to book 3.There are not many printed ways to teach conservator. And The beginning students use beginning band method books. Very few bands continue on to use the book to book 3. One reason is that these method books really are just a group of songs to practice different skills on. There is now a curriculum that is made for band which is a full band curriculum that helps students develop each of the basic skills involved in playing an instrument. It also includes each basic skill but needed to earn needed to be understood it is I theory exercise also the students put together the skills so that they can continue to progress and play songs. There’re 10 units in this book that progress from the very beginning up to a much more advanced level. Each skill is isolated so that it can be mastered and then is put together with the other skills in this in the song section of the unit. Students can then use these skills on their music that they perform with the bands in their concert. Concert Band Method Books – AIM Success The idea is to be able to focus totally on each area and to improve that skill and perfected and then practice keeping that same high level of of musicianship when you put it together with the other skills. Most contraband method books mention each new concept at the top of the page. The students are to read that and then apply it to what they do. In the in the zone band method book the students have to be actively participating in all of the learning. There our practice checks for them to follow on the exercises that they play. There are worksheets for them to fill out. There are rhythms for them to clapping account. Their compositions for them to write. There’s improvisation for them to practice. And there is a composer section in each unit as well. When a student starts out an instrument it is very important that they can focus on their embouchure and they’re breast support and their tone quality. The beginning of each unit gives a chance for the students to focus on this basic concept. Even as a professional musicians will spend a great amount of time just for focusing on their breath support in their quality of sound. Each unit has a long tone section. As it is the progress is through the book the ranges in this long tone section are expanded. In the first unit there’s only a half step between the notes of their practicing holding out and controlling their tone. By the end they extend much farther. Concert Band Method Books – AIM Success Next the students practice some so slow slurs be slow slurs help them develop their embouchure muscles so they will be able to play correctly in different ranges without using improper techniques. Next her some a little bit faster slurs will help them to be more flexible more be able to able to perform trickier passages that jump across different ranges on their instruments. Next her the section that focuses on a scale did At the beginning is just a partial part of the scale because the students have not developed a range of a full scale after they have finished a few units they will do a full scale. Different unit some wall presents different skills of the kids are learning to play in flat keys and in sharp keys. At the end of each skill builder section in the band method is an exercise on technique. The technique exercise challenges the students to cordon eight they’re articulating with their tongue with their fingerings. This exercise is meant to be started slowly and then to progress faster and faster until you can go as quickly as possible. Each one of these exercises in the skill development skilled builder part of the unit has a practice check of it. All of the exercises should be worked on one time and then should go back to the beginning again and every time the students should try to improve what they have done. Whenever completed all five of these they should progress onto the theory portion of the unit. This has many different areas in it it starts out in each unit with a note name review. It includes the notes for that instrument that they have been using in that unit. Is very important that students do this could because some students will just associate a fingering with a note rather than the note name itself. It is very common for students to just recognize what a note looks like an just associate it with the fingering. This review of note names helps to guide their thinking into the right patterns. Concert Band Method Books – AIM Success The use of the technical exercises is a fun way to challenge students to get there note reading quicker and their fingers moving faster and they’re the muscle memory associated with the note and connecting it to the fingers to work more smoothly. This method is also great for for teaching private lessons it provides you with the full curriculum that you can help that student with. As a teacher the the skill builders are wonderful for demonstrating the proper tone quality and the proper air usage at while being able to than listen and analyze the students playing as well. The same happens with the articulations if a student can hear the proper articulation they will be able to emulate that and Advance much quicker than through an explanation since music is the study of sound it is so much helper help more helpful to use sound as the model for what the students are doing. This way even great if the teachers themselves is a wind instrument player that they can demonstrate articulations and style and tone quality for the students himself so that the students will know what they’re striving for. When the students get to the section with the songs it is advantageous to take things slowly so that you can work on adding each of the qualities that you’ve learned in the skill builders until the music sounds like it is being played with proper tone quality proper articulation’s the proper breath support and it all comes together to make beautiful music. Concert Band Method Books – AIM Success

Concert Band Method Books - AIM Success