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Band Books – Audible Audible Intelligence Music – AIM Success  Band books are used when students start to play in instrument. Before they’re able to place sheet music they need to have a basic understanding of the different elements of music. They need to have different playing skills developed and they need to have a theoretical knowledge of the understanding of the music language. The playing skills portion it is good to have a set of extra exercises to build these skills. The best beginning band method books available today are the in the zone beginning band books. This is a complete band curriculum. It is appropriate for students of any age level. The learning can be learned by the young beginner all the way up through an adult beginner. The theoretical basics for developing as an advanced into an advanced instrumental musician come from the theory section of each unit. This band method book it Is divided into 10 progressive units the student is guided through each area of study and develops through all 10 units. Band Books – Audible Audible Intelligence Music – AIM Success. Other books due progress but this book is designed to make sure there are no gaps in learning and therefore leaving some students with confusion. The other books that are on the market have a series of songs. The Amazon band method that does have a series of songs but before they do the songs in each unit each skill is broken down and isolated so that the student can focus on developing each skill whether it be a playing skill or a theoretical skill. The students start out with no expectations as to what they already know. Band Books – Audible Audible Intelligence Music – AIM Success. They start with just two notes in unit one throughout this unit they learn about breath control they learned air control they learn embouchure and tone quality dealer to count the basic rhythms and big game confidence on their instruments. With not much range expected they’re able to focus on the very very key elements of beginning an instrument. At the very beginning they only learn a couple notes in no raining as well. It is common for students to recognize note names when all of the notes are whole notes. As soon as you color in the note hasn’t had a stem many students no longer know what the note is. Band Books – Audible Audible Intelligence Music – AIM Success. So they don’t reading sections in this book have different notes values so that the students can more clearly and thoroughly understand the readings. In the first cup in the first unit for the key signature section the students only learn the order of the flats in a key signature. We try to keep the concept the basics of they just add one aspect in each unit. In the second unit the students learn the order of the sharps and how they appear in a key signature. There’re many students entering college do not even know this order of sequence of sharps and flats. Band Books – Audible Audible Intelligence Music – AIM Success. Without this knowledge there are many aspects of theory that will be confusing to the student. Once the student understands the order of the sharps and flats there exercises where they need to identify what notes in a given key signature are affected by the key signature. Then the students learn how to determine what key that key signature is. After they’ve mastered that been there they learn how to determine the scale for that given key. Then they’ve practiced playing the different scales. Many college students are not able to do this before they reach college. The students that study from be in the zone band method book and use it as they’re beginning band method books find that they’re able to perfect many different scales if not all of the major scales will there still in the beginning level. This book is careful however to not expand the range too quickly so that the different instruments are able to manipulate the material. Some of the beginning earlier units I have only five note scales of the students can still learn some of their accidental notes or sharps and flats without having to Play outside of their range that they can play with correct form. The learning of scales is key to being able to develop into an advanced player and be able to sight read different works in different keys home. Sometimes it is quite random as to what a music director we’ll teach in their van classes. Band Books – Audible Audible Intelligence Music – AIM Success. It is easy to skip over one area of study because there is such a need in another. When teachers use the in the bit in the zone beginning band method bucks they find that they don’t have gaps in their teaching. This this series helps guide students through all of the different areas. They do not pass in unit until they have completed the unit that they’re on and all of the checkoffs. The way I correct the unit is I check the page and if a student has any incorrect answers I circled the answer and I put a circle at the top of the page. Once the student has corrected all of the right things I put a plus but to the side of each section and when the entire pages correct I put a star at the top if the student has some corrections to make I put a circle at the top so that will show me when I come to great again and we’ll show the students that there is something on that page that they need to check and and redo. A student does not get credit for unit until they have all of their pages start. They also must pass a plane test with able clap and count each rhythm of an exercise that is chosen randomly for them. They must do note names and fingerings and sing on pitch another randomly chosen exercise and then they must play an exercise that is randomly chosen for them. If they can do all of these things and then they will pass the unit. When they have completed this bill we progress onto the next unit. Sometimes we will go back and review previous units to develop our skills a bit further. Band Books – Audible Audible Intelligence Music – AIM Success.

Band Books - Audible Intelligence Music - AIM Success