Band Lesson Plans – Audible Intelligence Music – AIM For Success! It is not common to find a source for band lesson plans. There maybe some individual plans or directions for starting out the first few days but after that Directors are pretty much on their own to determine how they’re going to progress through their first year of beginning band. For a first-year teacher it can be very intimidating. It is not always obvious what the skill should be addressed first. It is also hard having all the students with various instruments in the room at the same time. Well you’re helping one Group of instruments, the others will become bored and may start messing with their instruments. This can make a beginning band director very nervous. We have put together a source 24 band lesson plans. This works well for the beginning teacher and that it will guide them through the topics that they should cover to make sure that they are providing a well-rounded class curriculum. This works fantastic however with the experience director. Band Lesson Plans – Audible Intelligence Music – AIM For Success!. It helps the band director to not have to worry about lesson plans but they can ensure that they have covered everything necessary in a particular level before they progress to the next level. This program is a full curriculum for banned classes. It is presented in the form of a beginning band method book. This book is called in the zone band method book. The great thing about this is there are check off for the student and teacher to complete so that they will know that they did not miss any particular area of study. Each of the playing exercises has practice checks above it. The student should make sure that with each practice check that they have improved on that exercise before they marked off a practice check. The more detailed the students are in their practicing the more advanced they will become. The exercises in this book could be used even through a very advanced level if the student is trying to detail they’re playing and make it more perfected. The each of the exercises should be practiced in three different ways at least. The first way that I recommend is for them to clap and count the rhythms of that exercise. Band Lesson Plans – Audible Intelligence Music – AIM For Success! Next to Press it also would be good if the students wanted to use scale degrees and the numbers or they could use sole footage in there singing. After they have done this they can then try to play the exercise on their instrument. This is a great way of really refining their reading skills. The good thing with this is before any student can finish a level they have to finish all of the practice checks. They also need to complete all of the theory pages. The theory pages are worksheets that are just a small half half page or maybe even just a third of the page. And the teacher checks fees if the student has gotten everything correct in that area they should put a plus to the side of that in the margin of that section. If the student gets the entire page write the teacher should put a start at the top of the page so that they will know that that section has been correctly completed. If the student makes a mistake the teacher should put a circle at the top of the page so that they and the student will realize that there’s something needs to be corrected in that area. The student can then review through the unit and look for anything that is circled. The student training to ask the teacher for help or further explanation in this area. It is also helpful to have a couple more advanced students helping their friends on what ever items they might be having trouble with. This will help the student that is learning and will also help that the student that is helping to review the concepts even further. Band Lesson Plans – Audible Intelligence Music – AIM For Success! Once the student has gotten all of the very pages with stars on the top they’ve been can go on to those songs section of the unit. The song section also has practice checks. It is most desirable the students would play through each of the songs one time carefully and thoroughly and marked their practice check number one. When they go back to the practice of the second time they should look at the song and determine what areas they are going to try to improve their playing. They may be trying to be careful to make sure that they played the dynamics more accurately. They may be thinking well I should work on my articulations better and make sure that they’re tonguing and slurring the this song with good accuracy. They want to pay attention to the temple marking to make sure they’re playing the piece at the speed that it should be played. Also in this section there are some blanks for the students tefillin. These are reviews so the student role be reviewing what they have learned in the theory section so that they will show that they know what the terms and symbols are in their songs. What’s it finish this section in progress onto an area that is made up of duets or rounds or trios. There’s some sort of of small ensemble piece. The student should learn all three parts of the trios are all the parts that are provided in the area and practice playing them at different combinations with different students. Then the student will continue onto improvisation section they should make sure that they can play the given notes and stay in time with the rest of the group well experimenting and playing in a variety of different rhythms. After this they will do a short exercise on composers and they will end writing a composition of their own. This is mostly meant for the students to just understand the basics of music manuscript and how to make sure that they’re writing the correct amount of beats in a manger. Band Lesson Plans – Audible Intelligence Music – AIM For Success!

Band Lesson Plans - Audible Intelligence Music - AIM For Success!