In the Zone Band Method Book– AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music 

One of the best band books available for beginning bands is the in the zone beginning band method book. This book has 10 levels that are progressive that leads children through all of their basic skills. The first portion of each unit focuses on playing skills. There are a long tone exercises to help with breath control and tone quality. They’re ours were exercises to help develop the embouchure and flexibility. And then there are with them exercises that help the students to play rhythmically. Next there is a theory section included in the theory section is music manuscript. Music manuscript it will help the students understand how music is written and better interpret it when they’re playing. There is the section on piano keyboard. This section of the beginning band method books and Helps the students to learn the patterns on the keyboard so that they can apply them to their instrument. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how the different scales work if you cannot relate it to the keyboard. There’s a section on key signatures in each unit where the students will learn about the different key signatures. It is interesting to discover what different people are looking for when they buy a beginning band methods books. Most are just looking for something cheap that they can start out there beginners with. A lot of teachers think they already know what they want to teach they don’t need to have all of the extras. I have found that is sometimes our students can slip through the cracks so to speak. They will be in the classroom and you can present things but they don’t do some hands-on work with the areas of study they will not be able to internalize them and use them. It is also very good to have a book that is measurable. It is becoming more and more necessary to be able to prove what you’re doing in your classes. International standards says core common core and all kinds of standardized testing. When you have gone through the in the zone band method you will be able to see which students are understanding which comp concepts into what degree they understand them. Then you’ll be able to adjust your teachings of the you’re just having to review the things that they do not understand. Mini band method books contain just songs. It is very unusual to have it Citi. Some books will have one solo piece with a piano accompaniment in it at the end. This is very helpful for the students to learn independence. In the zone band method book has exercises that have two to them so that. The end zone beginning band method book is designed to help each student progress individually as well as help the class progress together. This book works wonderfully for private lessons. If the student is learning a new instrument and is studying privately they can be insured that they will cover all of the basic areas of learning in each unit. Each unit then will develop a pot on top of the last unit so that they keep progressing in all areas. All students have strengthened strengths and weaknesses so some parts of the unit maybe very easy for some and other sections maybe very difficult. Some students may understand the theoretical part of the plane but they can’t Reading notes as quickly. Ended with a good teacher to guide them they can help them spend extra time on the areas that they need to. When I teach this book I hate correct each page and if there’re any errors I circle it into an have the students continued to fix their work until everyone has gotten 100% on each unit. This takes a little bit of time grading but it is well worth the efforts because I understand where each student is that and what their understanding and where they might be confused. This helps me to fill in the gaps when somebody isn’t progressing as one instrument I can then tell how they might be struggling with certain areas. At the end of each unit there’s a section that that is on composers. First there is a little list of interesting facts about that composer. Next there is a and next served from one of that composers pieces. These excerpts are chosen and are in the range of the unit the student’s learning. The following page has the list of follow-up questions just to check for understanding if the student really read the information and remembered. And there is a little composition section. This helps the students to start using their manuscripts skills. This also helps them to know how many beats are in a major in how to put the appropriate amount of notes and rest. It helps them to realize which notes are in their range and the proper way to draw all of the different notes. There’s also a section on improvisation. In the unit there is a baseline that is written out for the entire van. The band can play the bass line were a an individual or a section of the ensemble can then improvise a solo. It is very helpful for the students to be able to rhythmically improvise so that they can stay together with with the ensemble. There each unit has the suggested notes that can be used to it starts out with just the one note solos they can just work on the rhythms. As they progress Mormor notes are added so that they can inspect experiment in making melodies of their own and to also fit the rhythms together. There is a rhythm section in each unit that consists of three different sections. Rhythm is so important that we feel we need to reinforce it in a number of ways to make sure it is fully understood. The students play one exercise. And they have to theory based exercises where the writing and counting or determining what beats notes are on in a variety of different ways. This method is very Completa makes a full curriculum for a two year program at least.

In the Zone Band Curriculum