Welcome to Audible Intelligence Music, where we believe in the power of exceptional music to elevate ensembles to new heights. With a focus on distributing music to elementary through college-level ensembles, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled resources that inspire both educators and students alike.


As a music educator of 34 years, Joe Covill was constantly searching for quality materials to use in his 6-12th grade instrumental music ensembles.  Joe decided to take matters into his own hands and began to develop and write his own materials. He recognized a need within the music educator community and decided to create a music publishing company, Audible Intelligence Music, that allowed other musicians to share their work while being compensated fairly.  Joe invited composers to join in his vision and has welcomed numerous talented composers into the AIM community.


The AIM team recognizes that time spent in classroom preparation and lesson planning is often daunting.  AIM’s materials are designed to help alleviate the prep time, allowing music educators to take their program to the next level.