In the Zone a playbook for musical excellence by Nikki Crathorne | Joe Covill | Alan Gemberling
In the Zone presents a new approach to beginning band method books.  It’s like having beginning band lesson plans all in one place!
Beginning Band Book Overview: each concept progresses through 10 levels – 178 pages !! Skill Builders – Basic skills are developed in each unit. These skills are usually addressed in private lessons but not as commonly in a large group. Long Tones – develop tone Slurs – develop muscles and flexibility Scales – learn new notes and musical patterns Technique – coordinate tongue and fingers Chorales – develop blend and balance Theory – A short lesson in each unit develops the student’s skills at a steady pace. Note Reading Piano Keyboard Key Signatures Notation Time Signatures Transpositions Dynamics Scale Spelling Terms and Symbols Rhythm – Rhythm concepts are presented in a variety of ways to develop a comprehensive understanding of rhythm. Worksheets Ensembles Songs – Each unit contains a diverse selection of songs for the student to apply learned skills. Songs – folk, classical, patriotic etc. Rounds Trios Jazz songs Jazz soloing Composers – Units 3-10 focus on a major composer Biography Composition Worksheet Compose Yourself – students compose their own music Practice Checks – Each unit has a practice check-off sheet that must be completed before the student can proceed to the next unit. What a feeling of accomplishment!!! This beginning band method is the ultimate in beginning band books!