Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music. When teaching you encounter students with all different kinds of backgrounds. Some kids come from a very Will feed background with very supportive parents. Some are wealthy and have unsupported parents. Some have no funds to be able to afford an instrument or reeds or any of the supplies that they need. And you get everything in between. Some students will come and we’ll have varying Learning styles. Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music Some students can adapt to almost any learning style and succeed. You could presented the materials in your class in any fashion and certain students will soar to the top. However there is a group of students that have various ways that they can learn more efficiently than other ways. I believe it is important as a teacher to view this into ways. One view is that we want to try to help the students learn the material and we need to use whatever technique we need to to make that work. The other thing is we do want to help the students to be able to learn in different ways so that when they’re different different situations in life that they will be able to succeed in as many situations as possible. If every situation is has to be just right for them they will not succeed in a lot of areas. D the zone band method book contains a variety of ways for students to learn. In band music students learn a lot by doing. And this works great for a lot of students but have a clue more clear understanding it is helpful to have some items isolated and presented individually in different fashions. Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music There is a series of exercises in each unit the very from physically playing and counting things to doing worksheets to answering questions or composing themselves. This helps draw in all the different kinds of learning. It also helps the students to learn the same concept from a different angle which will then make there’re of the stronger in that concept. In the first section where the students are playing the exercises it is in transit they clap and count the rhythms first. This way it is making a muscle memory and how these rhythms are counted. Because of the students are able to tap a steady beat while they clap at the rhythm and they’re saying the names of the beats they will have much more understanding that of they’re just approximating them while they play. The same is true with the reading of the notes in the the changing of the fingerings. If the students can hear the notes in their head and can sing what is on the page before they played other instrument they’re going to be able to transfer that better to their instruments. Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music So there are many portions of this that they’re physically playing or clapping or singing the music. There’re other sections also that they will do paperwork were there demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of different musical concepts. This helps a teacher to know better what if the students are understanding the material they’re presenting. In a general van class there can be a lot of students who do not understand what is going on with a content to hide in the class and the teacher will not realize that they don’t know that aspect. If they are using the in the zone beginning band method books they’re going to know right off who does not understand. Is it will go through engrade each persons unit and will discover who understands the material and who does not understand the material. Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music This is a great double check for the students. If they learn by doing they will get a lot of a biplane. Then they will get to review it by doing the following very section. But maybe if they didn’t understand it to start with and they do the theory section it will make those concepts become more clear to them and then they can go back and review they’re playing and it will all come together for them. Some students also arm more brave at trying to find the find out the unknown and determine the unknown. Other students don’t know where to begin when a problem is very complex. So if you’re starting a new band piece some students will not know how to approach learning that song on their own. Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music Once we have used in the zone band method they should know that they could go through and clapped the rhythms. Then they couldn’t bowling before that they should check what the time signature is all of the repeats and BSS and other roadmap issues. Then they should be able to go through and seeing through the entire song doing note names on their instrument. After that they should be able to go to the song and play it. It would be understandable to have them miss a note or two but it would be good if they can have the basic idea of the song from the isolated work that they’re doing with rhythms and no reading. If students are struggling these tend to do better if you go back and isolate whatever area there weekend. Most students have some areas that is more strong than other areas. It is very common to have students that have a really good ear and they can play along with others but if they have to actually keep the rhythm going by themselves they couldn’t struggle greatly. Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music Some of these students will also have trouble staying with the ensemble. I’ve had some strong musicians that as beginners actually had difficulty playing with the group. But once they developed their skills they’ve become some of our strongest leaders in the upper grades. So each concept is as many ways as possible so that it will reinforce each skill as much as possible. If a student is struggling with something it might be a good idea to go back and review those portions of each unit to see where they lost the concept and need to review more. Learning Styles in Band – AIM Success – Audible Intelligence Music

Learning Styles in Band - AIM Success - Audible Intelligence Music