Crest View March – Joseph Covill

Crestview March – Joseph Covill

Joseph Covill’s “Crestview March” is an ideal piece for beginning concert band musicians. An alluring composition that boasts a perfect balance of simplicity and musicality, it offers the perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of orchestral music without becoming overwhelmed. Featuring engaging melodies, memorable motifs, and carefully-crafted instrumentation, “Crest View March” serves as a captivating beginning piece.


An essential component of “Crestview March” is its accessibility. Composed by Joseph Covill, it is a piece that provides the perfect introduction to beginning band students. Its structure is clearly defined, making it easy to focus on specific aspects of the music while also providing ample opportunity to develop teamwork and ensemble awareness. 


Melodically, “Crestview March” includes catchy and memorable lines, enabling players to explore basic note patterns and hone their melodic comprehension. Carefully crafted to provide opportunities for each section to shine independently, its line-up also effectively weaves together the different parts in order to achieve a unified sound. This helps promote an understanding of how different parts come together to form a cohesive whole.


In addition to melody, “Crestview March” also introduces simple yet engaging rhythmic patterns. These patterns help students work on their sense of pulse, coordination, and timing, while the repeated sections facilitate the development of rhythmic accuracy and ensemble synchronization. These are essential skills for novice players.


Furthermore, “Crestview March” is expertly scored to accommodate the technical abilities of young players. Its instrumentation and parts are specifically designed to help beginners practice fundamental techniques and set a solid foundation for further musical growth.


All these elements combine to make “Crestview March” an exceptional beginning concert band piece. Offering a rewarding and educational experience, the composition is an invaluable resource for both educators and students just starting out on their musical journey. For more information about this excellent beginning band piece, or to purchase Joseph Covill’s “Crestview March”, visit our website today!