Crestview March – Joseph Covill


Perfect!  A great piece for your very young beginners.

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“Crestview March” – A Captivating Beginning Concert Band Piece

“Crestview March” is a remarkable composition that serves as an ideal choice for very young beginners in concert bands. Created with careful consideration for the capabilities and developmental needs of novice musicians, this piece offers an enjoyable and educational musical experience. Composed by Joseph Covill, “Crestview March” encompasses various elements that make it an excellent addition to any beginning band’s repertoire.


One of the standout qualities of “Crestview March” is its accessibility. The piece strikes a balance between simplicity and musicality, ensuring that young musicians can grasp the essential techniques and musical concepts while remaining engaged and motivated. The composition showcases a clear sense of structure, with well-defined sections that allow players to focus on specific musical aspects and develop their ensemble skills.


The melodic lines in “Crestview March” are catchy and memorable, enabling young musicians to explore basic note patterns and build their melodic comprehension. The melodies are skillfully crafted to provide opportunities for each instrument section to shine individually while promoting a sense of unity when played together. This aspect encourages ensemble awareness and reinforces the importance of teamwork within a band setting.


Rhythmically, “Crestview March” introduces simple yet engaging rhythmic patterns that help students develop their sense of pulse, coordination, and timing. The piece incorporates repetitive motifs that facilitate the development of rhythmic accuracy and ensemble synchronization, which are fundamental skills for young musicians.


The instrumentation and scoring of “Crestview March” are carefully tailored to accommodate the technical abilities of young players. The parts are crafted in a way that allows students to focus on fundamental techniques specific to their instrument, fostering a solid foundation for future musical development.


“Crestview March” stands out as an exceptional beginning concert band piece that offers a delightful and educational musical experience for very young beginners. With its accessibility, catchy melodies, rhythmic patterns, progressive difficulty, expressive opportunities, and thoughtful scoring, this composition serves as an invaluable resource for educators and young musicians embarking on their musical journey.




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