Alleluia – Erik Wendelken


“Alleluia” For Middle School Concert Band, is a multi-level composition.  The composer chose to arrange a four measure setting of “Alleluia” (Introduced by a solo flute in the first four measures) The melody appears in its original setting, retrograde and in rhythmic augmentation throughout the piece, culminating into a musical collage.


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Erik Wendelken’s “Alleluia” for Middle School Concert Band stands as a shining testament to the power of music to uplift the spirit and unite audiences in pure admiration. With its multi-level composition, the piece showcases a thoughtful arrangement that is both easy to perform and evocative, making it a perfect addition to any winter concert repertoire.


The brilliance of “Alleluia” lies in the clever decision of the composer to base the piece on a four-measure setting of the timeless melody “Alleluia.” The introduction, graced by the eloquent solo flute, sets the stage for a captivating musical journey, and from the first note, the audience is transported into a world of enchantment.


Throughout the piece, the melody is skillfully presented in its original setting, retrograde, and in rhythmic augmentation. This masterful technique creates a delightful interplay of musical themes that weaves an intricate and harmonious tapestry. The composer’s ingenuity is truly commendable, as he expertly merges these variations into a musical collage that leaves the audience spellbound.


One of the most remarkable aspects of “Alleluia” is its versatility. Despite being designated as an easy composition, it manages to captivate audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds. For middle school concert bands, this presents an ideal opportunity to hone their skills and deliver a performance that will be remembered long after the final note fades away.


As the piece progresses, the band’s collective prowess is put to the test, with each section seamlessly complementing the others. The skillful layering of different musical elements creates a sense of depth and texture that elevates “Alleluia” to an artistic triumph. Young musicians are encouraged to embrace the intricacies of the arrangement, pushing their boundaries and evolving as artists.


“Alleluia” is not just a musical score but a celebration of the power of music to unite hearts and minds. The emotional resonance it evokes is both powerful and poignant, leaving listeners with a profound sense of awe and appreciation. Erik Wendelken’s composition has the rare ability to foster a sense of community, enveloping both performers and audiences in a shared experience of beauty and harmony.


In conclusion, Erik Wendelken’s “Alleluia” for Middle School Concert Band is a resounding triumph that deserves widespread recognition and admiration. Through its ingenious arrangement and heartwarming melodies, it transcends the boundaries of its difficulty level, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who encounter its enchanting performance. As winter concert programs seek to create lasting memories, “Alleluia” stands tall as an inspired choice that will leave audiences inspired and uplifted, celebrating the joy of music in all its splendor.




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