Homework Blues – Joseph Covill


The title says it all……  Students can relate to this beginning jazz band tune.  This catchy blues piece gives the students a chance to express their homework blues. Parts are included for flute, clarinet, French horn and tuba. With fun melodies and solo sections, this is a great first jazz piece for young bands.

Specifically written with your beginning Jazz Band in mind!

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Rating: ★★★★★


“Homework Blues” is a delightful beginning jazz band piece composed by Joseph Covill that captures the relatable theme of students’ struggles with homework. This catchy blues tune provides young musicians with an opportunity to express their emotions while introducing them to the fundamentals of jazz music. With parts tailored for flute, clarinet, French horn, and tuba, Covill’s composition ensures that every member of the band can actively participate in creating an enjoyable ensemble performance. 


Joseph Covill’s “Homework Blues” is a well-crafted piece designed to engage and inspire beginning jazz bands. The composition’s student-centric theme immediately resonates with young musicians, allowing them to channel their frustrations and experiences into their performance. By acknowledging the challenges faced by students, Covill creates an instant connection and enthusiasm among performers, fostering an environment of musical expression and camaraderie.


The composition itself strikes an excellent balance between educational content and entertainment value. Covill incorporates fun melodies that are easy to grasp, helping students develop a solid foundation in jazz phrasing and articulation. Furthermore, the inclusion of solo sections encourages budding improvisers to explore their musical creativity and develop their individual voices within the context of the piece. This element of self-expression is crucial in fostering the growth and confidence of young jazz musicians.


For directors and educators, “Homework Blues” offers a valuable teaching tool. Covill’s attention to detail ensures that the musical concepts presented in the piece align with the developmental level of beginning jazz bands. The composition provides a gradual introduction to the conventions of jazz, such as swing rhythms, blues progressions, and call-and-response phrases, laying a strong foundation for more advanced repertoire in the future. The well-structured arrangement and clear notation make it easy for instructors to guide their students through the learning process effectively.






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