March "Uno" – Gregory Day


“March Uno” is designed to be an accessible, yet musically rewarding first march for beginning bands as well as a good sight reading piece for bands preparing for festival.  Simple yet tasteful rhythms and harmonies,  along with percussion parts including timpani will give students an attainable first year selection that will result in enthusiastic performers and audiences.

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“March Uno” is a thoughtfully crafted composition by Gregory Day, specifically designed to cater to the needs of beginning bands. With its accessible yet musically rewarding nature, this march serves as an excellent introduction to the world of concert marches for young musicians. Additionally, it proves to be a valuable sight-reading piece for bands preparing for festivals.


One of the notable strengths of “March Uno” lies in its simplicity and tasteful musical elements. The rhythmic patterns are clear and straightforward, providing students with a solid foundation for understanding and executing the march style. The harmonies employed in the composition are well-suited for beginners, striking a balance between musical interest and ease of execution.


In terms of instrumentation, “March Uno” utilizes the instruments typically found in a beginning band, ensuring that students can fully engage with the piece. The inclusion of percussion parts, including timpani, adds a dynamic layer to the overall sound, enhancing the musical experience for both performers and audiences.


With a duration suitable for a first-year selection, “March Uno” allows young musicians to showcase their skills and progress in a manageable timeframe. By presenting an attainable challenge, this piece inspires enthusiasm among performers, motivating them to put their best foot forward.


Gregory Day’s “March Uno” successfully achieves its intended purpose of serving as an accessible entry point into the world of the concert march. Through its well-crafted rhythms, harmonies, and inclusion of percussion parts, it provides a platform for beginning bands to grow and develop their musical abilities.


“March Uno” by Gregory Day is a valuable addition to the repertoire of beginning bands. Its thoughtful design, simple yet tasteful musical elements, and inclusion of percussion parts make it an excellent choice for both aspiring musicians and audiences alike. This composition sets a strong foundation for young musicians’ musical journey and promises an enthusiastic performance that is sure to captivate listeners.




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