Missing You – Greg Yasinitsky


MISSING YOU is a brilliant tenor ballad for big band written by Greg Yasinitsky. This is a grade 4 piece and was commissioned by the University of Arkansas Big Band. Rhythm section parts are written out. We’re sure your bands will love MISSING YOU.

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“MISSING YOU” by Greg Yasinitsky

“MISSING YOU” is an outstanding tenor ballad for big band, skillfully composed by Greg Yasinitsky. Commissioned by the University of Arkansas Big Band, this grade 4 piece showcases Yasinitsky’s talent for crafting emotive melodies and capturing the essence of a heartfelt musical journey. With its meticulously written rhythm section parts, “MISSING YOU” is a composition that is sure to resonate with both performers and audiences alike.

Yasinitsky’s composition demonstrates a deep understanding of the big band genre and the expressive capabilities of its various sections. “MISSING YOU” presents a beautiful tenor ballad that serves as a showcase for the featured tenor saxophone soloist. The piece effectively blends lush harmonies, delicate phrasing, and lyrical melodic lines to create a captivating musical experience.

The arrangement of “MISSING YOU” for big band is masterfully executed, with each section of the ensemble playing a crucial role in conveying the emotional weight of the composition. Yasinitsky artfully weaves intricate lines throughout the arrangement, creating rich textures and dynamic contrasts. The use of brass and woodwind voicings further enhances the expressive qualities of the piece, providing ample opportunities for the ensemble to shine.

Furthermore, the composition’s emotional depth is heightened by the meticulously written rhythm section parts. These parts serve as the foundation of the piece, providing a solid framework for the soloist and ensemble to build upon. The rhythm section seamlessly complements the melodic and harmonic elements, enhancing the overall impact of the composition and allowing the emotions to resonate with the listeners.

Despite being a grade 4 composition, “MISSING YOU” offers a rewarding challenge to both intermediate and advanced big bands. Yasinitsky’s thoughtful scoring and clear notation make the piece accessible to a wide range of skill levels, ensuring that performers can fully engage with the emotional nuances of the composition. The composition’s moderate tempo and expressive nature also make it suitable for various performance settings, including concerts, festivals, and educational events.

Greg Yasinitsky’s “MISSING YOU” is a brilliant tenor ballad for big band that captivates with its exquisite composition and arrangement. With its skillfully written rhythm section parts and evocative melodies, this grade 4 piece provides a platform for performers to showcase their musicality and emotional depth. Whether performed by a university ensemble or a professional big band, “MISSING YOU” is sure to resonate deeply with both musicians and audiences, leaving a lasting impression long after the final notes fade away.



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