Providence March – Gregory Day


Starting with full ensemble energy and making full use of the percussion section including an important timpani part and exposed percussion soli sections, The Providence March is an easy technical march that doesnt shy away from some contemporary harmonies and includes a key change. Low voices are not restricted to supportive pads, but are important counter melodies, yet well within the grasp of any intermediate groups. Already used for several honor bands in SC, the Providence March will prove to be a band and audience favorite!

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“Providence March” by Gregory Day showcases his talent as a composer and his extensive experience as a band director. As a composer, Day has created a piece that combines technical accessibility with contemporary harmonies and engaging musical elements.


The march begins with a burst of energy from the full ensemble, capturing the listeners’ attention from the start. Day’s thoughtful composition makes excellent use of the percussion section, highlighting an important timpani part and allowing for captivating percussion soli sections throughout the piece.


One notable aspect of “Providence March” is its incorporation of contemporary harmonies. Day doesn’t shy away from exploring harmonic textures beyond traditional march conventions, adding a fresh and modern touch to the composition. This infusion of contemporary elements adds interest and depth to the overall musical experience.


The piece includes a well-executed key change, demonstrating Day’s compositional prowess and providing a dynamic shift that keeps the audience engaged. The march also gives prominence to the low voices, which serve as important counter melodies rather than merely supportive pads. This approach showcases Day’s understanding of the ensemble’s capabilities and ensures an engaging musical experience for intermediate groups.


“Providence March” has already earned recognition by being featured in several honor bands in South Carolina. This achievement speaks to the piece’s quality and appeal, both for performers and audiences alike. With its energetic start, skillful percussion utilization, contemporary harmonies, and memorable key change, it is likely to become a favorite among bands and audiences.


Gregory Day’s experience as a band director and his commitment to music education shine through in his composition. It is evident that his understanding of student musicians and their capabilities has influenced the writing of “Providence March,” resulting in a piece that is both enjoyable to play and listen to.


“Providence March” by Gregory Day is an engaging and accessible march that combines technical proficiency with contemporary elements. It is a testament to Day’s expertise as a composer and his dedication to music education. Bands of intermediate skill level will find enjoyment in performing this piece, while audiences will appreciate its energy and musicality.




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