Rhythm Ensembles for the Classroom – Joseph Covill

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This set of nine rhythm quartets is a wonderful vehicle for music classes to practice and master the most commonly seen rhythms. General Music, Choir, Band and Orchestra classes can all benefit from the seemingly simple yet very musical quartets. These three score page pieces can utilize an infinite number of sounds from clapping to stick clicks to playing on chairs to playing with ensemble instruments. Each of the nine ensembles focusses progressively on more intricate rhythms. This book has the student perform half, quarter and eighth notes and whole, half, quarter and eighth rests. Don’t miss out on this incredibly fun teaching tool!!


“Rhythm Ensembles for the Classroom” by Joseph Covill


“Rhythm Ensembles for the Classroom” by Joseph Covill is an exceptional resource for music educators seeking to reinforce and solidify their students’ understanding of commonly encountered rhythms. This collection of nine rhythm quartets serves as a delightful avenue for General Music, Choir, Band, and Orchestra classes to engage in meaningful practice and mastery of rhythmic patterns.


One of the standout qualities of this book is its ability to cater to a diverse range of musical settings. Covill’s compositions, presented across three score pages, allow for an infinite number of sound possibilities, offering flexibility in implementation. Students can explore various techniques, including clapping, stick clicks, playing on chairs, and performing with ensemble instruments, enabling them to express their rhythmic skills in a creative and engaging manner.


The nine ensembles featured in this book are thoughtfully structured to gradually introduce more intricate rhythms as the student progresses. This progressive approach ensures a step-by-step development of rhythmic proficiency. Through the ensemble setting, students not only refine their individual rhythm skills but also learn the art of collective playing, promoting teamwork and musical cohesion.


Covering a comprehensive range of rhythmic elements, the quartets incorporate half, quarter, and eighth notes, as well as whole, half, quarter, and eighth rests. This comprehensive coverage ensures that students gain a thorough understanding of fundamental rhythmic concepts, enhancing their overall musicianship.


Without a doubt, “Rhythm Ensembles for the Classroom” presents itself as an incredibly fun and valuable teaching tool. Covill’s compositions strike a balance between simplicity and musicality, providing an enjoyable experience for both students and educators. The engaging nature of these quartets fosters an environment where learning becomes an exciting journey, ultimately leading to the mastery of rhythm.


Joseph Covill’s “Rhythm Ensembles for the Classroom” is a commendable resource that offers music classes an effective means to practice and master common rhythmic patterns. Its versatility, progressive structure, and comprehensive coverage of rhythmic elements make it suitable for a wide range of educational settings. Music educators would be remiss to overlook this invaluable teaching tool, which promises both educational value and pure enjoyment for students.


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