Skill Development Journal – Nikki Crathorne


Improve your musicianship by progressing through ten levels in rhythm, scales, key signatures, time signatures, notation, piano keyboard, note reading, transpositions, and more!

This journal can be used for a theory class or as a supplement to a band, orchestra or choir.

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Skill Development Journal – Nikki Crathorne


Nikki Crathorne’s Skill Development Journal is a remarkable resource designed to elevate musicianship in both elementary-aged students and beyond. As the director of music at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Moscow, Idaho and the head of the Moscow All-City Elementary band program, Nikki’s expertise and experience shine through in this comprehensive journal.


The journal’s structure revolves around ten progressive levels, ensuring a methodical and engaging learning experience. Each level focuses on essential aspects of music theory and performance, including rhythm, scales, key signatures, time signatures, notation, piano keyboard, note reading, transpositions, and more. This well-rounded approach demonstrates Nikki’s deep understanding of the fundamental elements necessary for musical proficiency.


One of the standout features of this journal is Nikki’s exceptional talent for writing music that resonates with both young learners and middle level musicians. By tailoring the content to different age groups and skill levels, Nikki showcases her versatility and understanding of how to cultivate musical growth across various audiences.


For educators, the Skill Development Journal is a valuable tool that can be seamlessly integrated into theory classes, as well as a supplement to band, orchestra, or choir programs. Its adaptability and user-friendly layout make it an asset for teachers seeking to enhance their students’ musical abilities in a structured and enjoyable manner.


Throughout the journal, Nikki demonstrates a keen eye for detail and an ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner. Her well-crafted exercises and explanations enable learners to grasp theoretical concepts effectively, translating them into practical skills applicable to their musical endeavors.


You will find Nikki Crathorne’s Skill Development Journal to be a commendable addition to the field of music education. Its thoughtful organization, adaptability, and engaging content make it a valuable resource for students, teachers alike. Whether used in the classroom or as a personal study tool, this journal undoubtedly has the potential to elevate musicianship and foster a deep appreciation for the art of music. This journal is highly recommended to anyone seeking to expand their musical horizons and refine their skills in a structured and enriching manner.



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