Steps to Improvisation – Joseph Covill


A ‘Must Have’ for the Jazz Soloist

Steps to Jazz Improvisation helps provide students with a way to have a successful start with improvisation. This step by step guide helps the beginner learn how to play chord tones, build melodies and apply simple riffs. As students learn the patterns, they develop their ears to hear the chord changes. Steps to Jazz Improvisation works with individual study or in a classroom setting. Get your copy today and get on the road to mastering jazz improvisation.


A beginner’s guide to navigating chord changes and sounding GREAT!


Spectacular price on this necessity for the beginning improviser!


Steps to Improvisation by Joseph Covill – A ‘Must Have’ for the Jazz Soloist


Steps to Jazz Improvisation is a comprehensive guide that lays out a solid foundation for beginners venturing into the world of improvisation. Joseph Covill’s step-by-step approach in this book ensures that students have a successful start, equipping them with the necessary skills to confidently navigate chord changes and create captivating jazz solos.


The book’s structured approach begins with teaching students how to play chord tones, an essential skill for any improviser. By focusing on chord tones, students learn to create melodies that harmonically align with the underlying chords, resulting in cohesive and melodic solos. Covill also introduces simple riffs, providing students with useful tools to develop their improvisational vocabulary.


One of the standout features of Steps to Jazz Improvisation is its emphasis on ear training. As students progress through the book and practice the patterns, their ears become attuned to recognizing and responding to chord changes. This development in ear training enhances their ability to improvise intuitively, enabling them to adapt and improvise fluidly in real-time musical situations.


The flexibility of Steps to Jazz Improvisation makes it suitable for both individual study and classroom settings. Students can work through the material at their own pace, reinforcing their learning through practice and experimentation. Additionally, educators can incorporate this book into their curriculum, guiding students through the essential concepts of jazz improvisation.


In terms of value, Steps to Jazz Improvisation offers a remarkable price for the wealth of knowledge it imparts. This makes it an irresistible choice for beginning improvisers looking to embark on their jazz journey without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a budding jazz musician or an aspiring improviser, this book is a “must-have” addition to your collection.


Steps to Improvisation by Joseph Covill provides a clear and accessible pathway for beginners to develop their improvisational skills in the realm of jazz. With its practical approach, emphasis on chord tones, and ear training exercises, this book equips students with the necessary tools to confidently navigate chord changes and create captivating solos. If you’re looking to embark on a journey towards mastering jazz improvisation, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of Steps to Jazz Improvisation today.



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