Bloozin’ – Nikki Crathorne


Get your band playing the blues with Bloozin’.   The introduction includes a written solo for beginning jazz pianists.  Sections enter in layers giving everyone a chance to shine.  The solo section has simple background lines to enhance the solo.  The shout section gives a chance for the band to demonstrate great ensemble sound. Parts are included for flute, clarinet, French horn and tuba.  Beginning band students will love playing the catchy lines in Bloozin’.

Specifically written with your beginning Jazz Band in mind!

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“Bloozin'” by Nikki Crathorne is an absolute gem for beginning jazz band students. This well-crafted piece showcases the true essence of blues music while providing a delightful platform for young musicians to develop their skills and shine on their instruments.


From the very start, the piece grabs your attention with a written solo for beginning jazz pianists. This feature not only adds a touch of uniqueness but also allows young pianists to step into the spotlight and showcase their talent right from the get-go.


What sets “Bloozin'” apart is its clever arrangement, with sections entering in layers, providing a fantastic opportunity for each instrument to take center stage. It’s a true ensemble piece where every member of the band can feel the excitement of contributing to the overall sound.


The solo section is thoughtfully designed with simple background lines, making it an ideal environment for budding soloists to explore their improvisational skills. It encourages creativity while providing a supportive backdrop to bolster their confidence.


As if that wasn’t enough, the shout section takes the excitement up a notch, allowing the entire band to come together and demonstrate their prowess in creating a cohesive and captivating ensemble sound. The energy and enthusiasm are palpable, making it a real crowd-pleaser.


One of the standout features of “Bloozin'” is its versatility. Parts are thoughtfully included for flute, clarinet, French horn, and tuba, ensuring that various instruments get a chance to showcase their musicality. This inclusivity is a testament to Nikki Crathorne’s understanding of the importance of fostering a love for music in all young learners, regardless of their instrument of choice.


The catchy lines within the piece are sure to resonate with beginning band students, making the learning process both enjoyable and rewarding. The composition strikes a perfect balance between challenging young musicians to grow while keeping the music accessible and engaging.


Nikki Crathorne’s attention to detail in composing “Bloozin'” for beginning jazz band is commendable. It’s evident that this piece has been crafted with care, taking into consideration the skill level and musical development of young learners. As a result, “Bloozin'” emerges as a remarkable addition to any repertoire for young jazz bands.


For band directors and educators seeking an engaging and musically enriching experience for their students, “Bloozin'” is an ideal choice. It’s an enjoyable journey into the world of blues music, offering valuable opportunities for skill development, ensemble playing, and musical expression.


If you’re looking to infuse your jazz band’s performances with the spirit of the blues and witness your young musicians grow into confident performers, head over to the website ( and explore the magic of “Bloozin'” by Nikki Crathorne. Your students and audiences alike will be captivated by its charm and undeniable musicality.



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