Musical Chairs – Nikki Crathorne


And you thought the old game was fun.

Your students will be excited to learn to count rhythms with Musical Chairs. All you need are sticks and a chair. Selections are written in one and two parts. Musical Chairs is great for classroom use as a teaching tool and for performance as a solo, duet, ensemble, or full school. This is a great opportunity for
to surprise their audiences with something unexpected. Choose a selection from the variety of styles and levels of difficulty and you will have a great crowd pleaser for your next concert. Musical chairs selections are not only fun for the musicians to perform, they are exciting to listen to and captivating to watch. You can’t go wrong with Musical Chairs!

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Musical Chairs by Nikki Crathorne


Nikki Crathorne’s “Musical Chairs” offers an engaging and interactive approach to teaching and performing music, presenting a delightful twist to the classic game we all know. This collection of rhythmic pieces provides a valuable learning experience for students, making counting rhythms an enjoyable activity with just sticks and a chair.


The versatility of “Musical Chairs” shines through, as the selections are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate different settings and skill levels, ranging from solos to full ensembles. It serves as an excellent tool for music classrooms, fostering a dynamic and entertaining environment for students to grasp rhythmic concepts effectively.


The beauty of this collection lies not only in its educational value but also in its potential for captivating performances. General Music Classrooms, Bands, Orchestras and Choirs will find an opportunity to surprise and delight their audiences with something unexpected, setting the stage for an unforgettable concert experience.


One of the significant advantages of “Musical Chairs” is the sheer enjoyment it brings to both performers and listeners. The pieces are not only a joy to play but also exciting to listen to and visually captivating, making them a hit for any musical event.


“Musical Chairs” is a must-have addition to any music educator’s repertoire. Its innovative approach to teaching rhythms, wide range of styles and difficulty levels, and the potential to create crowd-pleasing performances make it an invaluable resource for music classrooms and concert stages alike. Nikki Crathorne has truly crafted a gem with “Musical Chairs,” ensuring that music education and entertainment can go hand in hand. 


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