29 Studies for Jazz Guitar – Brad Ard


The impetus behind this publication was to create a series of studies for Jazz Guitarists similar in nature to the studies available to Classical Guitarists such as the Carulli Studies, Carcassi Studies, Sor Studies et al.


“29 Studies for Jazz Guitar”

“29 Studies for Jazz Guitar” by Brad Ard is a noteworthy publication aimed at jazz guitarists seeking to expand their skills and improvisational abilities. Drawing inspiration from classical guitar study books, such as the Carulli Studies and Sor Studies, Ard presents a comprehensive collection of exercises and compositions tailored specifically for jazz guitarists.

The book comprises a total of 29 studies, with the first 22 studies offered in two different keys. This approach allows guitarists to explore the same musical lines across various positions on the instrument, fostering a deeper understanding and insight into jazz guitar playing. By encouraging players to explore different areas of the instrument, Ard promotes versatility and dexterity in their playing.

The final seven studies in the book are individual fundamental exercises that serve as prerequisites for the preceding 22 studies. This thoughtful progression ensures that readers have a solid foundation and are equipped with the necessary skills before tackling the more advanced material.

One notable aspect of “29 Studies for Jazz Guitar” is Ard’s deliberate omission of fingerings, positions, and TAB notation. By doing so, he emphasizes the importance of processing, interpretation, and individualization. This approach encourages guitarists to develop their own fingerings and explore different positions, fostering creativity and personal expression in their playing.

Ard also provides suggested tempo markings for each study, but emphasizes that they are merely targets. This flexibility allows guitarists to experiment with a variety of tempi, promoting musicality and adaptability in their performances.

Overall, “29 Studies for Jazz Guitar” by Brad Ard is a valuable resource for jazz guitarists looking to enhance their technical proficiency, improvisational skills, and musical interpretation. Ard’s thoughtful approach, progressive structure, and emphasis on individualization make this publication a valuable addition to any guitarist’s library.

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