Groovin’ Outta the Blues – Nikki Crathorne

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This clever arrangement is a must for all entry level jazz bands.  With lines that are accessible to very young musicians, Groovin’ Outta the Blues provides an exciting introduction to Jazz.  Parts are included for flute, clarinet, French horn and tuba. This swing chart will be a favorite for the beginning band.
Specifically written with your beginning Jazz Band in mind!

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Nikki Crathorne’s “Groovin’ Outta the Blues” is an exceptional composition that deserves recognition for its ingenious arrangement, making it a perfect fit for all entry-level jazz bands. This delightful piece not only captivates with its clever musicality but also serves as an ideal introduction to the captivating world of Jazz, particularly for young and budding musicians. With parts thoughtfully included for flute, clarinet, French horn, and tuba, this swing chart promises to be an instant favorite among beginning bands.


One of the most remarkable aspects of “Groovin’ Outta the Blues” is its accessibility. Nikki Crathorne’s expertise is evident as she crafts lines that are tailored for very young musicians, allowing them to explore the essence of Jazz without feeling overwhelmed. By skillfully balancing simplicity and musical depth, the composition offers a fantastic learning opportunity for aspiring jazz performers, paving the way for their growth and development in the genre.


The composition’s playfulness and rhythmic flair create an infectious groove that will undoubtedly engage both performers and audiences alike. The buoyant energy emanating from the piece injects a sense of enthusiasm, making it an exciting addition to any performance repertoire. “Groovin’ Outta the Blues” encourages young musicians to experiment with Jazz’s core elements, such as improvisation and syncopation, instilling a solid foundation upon which they can build their future musical endeavors.


Nikki Crathorne has truly honed her craft in writing for beginning jazz bands, evident in how this piece showcases their strengths while also challenging them to reach new heights. The composition’s thoughtful balance of technicality and entertainment ensures that students remain invested in their musical journey, nurturing a passion for Jazz that may last a lifetime.


The commendable effort invested in crafting this arrangement is further reinforced by its user-friendly notation and clear instructions, which foster an effective learning environment for both directors and young musicians. As a result, “Groovin’ Outta the Blues” streamlines the rehearsal process, allowing bands to progress confidently towards their performance goals.


In conclusion, Nikki Crathorne’s “Groovin’ Outta the Blues” undoubtedly deserves a spot in the repertoire of every entry-level jazz band. With its engaging and accessible composition, it provides a gateway for young musicians to embrace the wonders of Jazz while refining their musical talents. The inclusion of various instrumental parts ensures a harmonious collaboration among band members, fostering camaraderie and passion for the art of music.


For educators and directors seeking a captivating and pedagogically sound piece, “Groovin’ Outta the Blues” by Nikki Crathorne proves to be an essential addition to any jazz band’s collection. Its easy-to-follow lines and delightful swing will undoubtedly make it a perennial favorite among beginning bands, leaving a lasting impact on both performers and their audiences.


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