She Ain’t – Brian Ward


SHE AIN’T- A contemporary straight eighth original based on Ain’t She Sweet. Level 4+

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She Ain’t” by Brian Ward


Brian Ward’s “She Ain’t” is a captivating contemporary composition that pays homage to the timeless classic “Ain’t She Sweet.” With its straight eighth feel and level 4+ complexity, this original piece showcases Ward’s skillful musicianship and creativity.


From the first notes, “She Ain’t” grabs the listener’s attention with its infectious energy and rhythmic drive. The composition seamlessly blends elements of the straight eighth note feel and modern jazz, creating a dynamic and engaging musical experience. Ward’s intricate chord progressions and melodic lines demonstrate his deep understanding of jazz harmony while adding a fresh twist to the familiar foundation of “Ain’t She Sweet.”


In terms of difficulty, “She Ain’t” is aimed at experienced musicians, particularly those comfortable with navigating complex chord progressions and improvisational sections. However, its catchy melodies and infectious rhythm make it an enjoyable listen for jazz enthusiasts of all levels.


Overall, Brian Ward’s “She Ain’t” is a masterfully crafted contemporary jazz composition that pays homage to a classic while forging its own unique identity. With its captivating melodies, intricate harmonies, and exceptional musicianship, this piece is a testament to Ward’s talent and artistry. Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or simply appreciate well-crafted music, “She Ain’t” is a must have that will leave you wanting more.




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