The Real Deal – Greg Yasinitsky


THE REAL DEAL, for jazz big band, shuffle blues, about grade 3.5 (grade 3, except with a real bass trombone part),

ranges reasonable, suggested written solos, rhythm section parts written out. Commissioned by JW Pepper for the

Birch Bay Band Workshop in honor of Leo Dodd.

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“The Real Deal” for Jazz Big Band: A Shuffle Blues Masterpiece

“The Real Deal,” commissioned by JW Pepper for the Birch Bay Band Workshop in honor of Leo Dodd, is a remarkable composition that embodies the essence of shuffle blues within the context of a jazz big band. With a grade level of 3.5, this piece offers an accessible yet musically rewarding experience for intermediate-level ensembles. Notably, “The Real Deal” stands out with the inclusion of a dedicated bass trombone part, which adds a layer of authenticity and depth to the performance.


“The Real Deal” showcases a well-crafted musical arrangement that balances the vibrant energy of a shuffle blues with the complexities of a jazz big band. With a reasonable range, the piece ensures that instrumentalists can comfortably perform within their technical capabilities while still presenting a formidable challenge. The inclusion of a real bass trombone part distinguishes this composition, catering to ensembles that possess the necessary resources and instrumentation.


“The Real Deal” beautifully captures the essence of the shuffle blues genre. The rhythmic groove, characterized by a swinging triplet feel, permeates the entire composition, inviting listeners to tap their feet and immerse themselves in the infectious energy. This style of blues is well-suited for educational purposes, as it encourages students to develop their sense of swing, articulation, and ensemble cohesion.


One of the standout features of “The Real Deal” is the inclusion of suggested written solos. This provides an opportunity for budding improvisers to explore the jazz language within a structured environment, building their confidence and musicality. Additionally, the presence of written-out rhythm section parts allows less experienced musicians to contribute effectively, ensuring a cohesive and balanced performance.


The commission of “The Real Deal” in honor of Leo Dodd, a renowned figure in jazz education, adds a poignant layer of significance to this composition. Dodd’s influence and dedication to jazz education are reflected in the quality and accessibility of this piece, making it a fitting homage to his contributions to the jazz community.


“The Real Deal” is a notable addition to the repertoire of jazz big bands at the grade 3.5 level. Its authentic shuffle blues style, written solos, and detailed rhythm section parts make it an excellent choice for ensembles looking to challenge their musicianship while staying within an achievable difficulty range. This composition stands as a testament to Leo Dodd’s legacy and serves as a testament to his passion for jazz education.




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